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Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment in Yuma

Many people are unaware that treatment for vein disease is covered by Insurance. When performed for medical reasons, treatment for venous disease  is covered by most insurance companies. The first line of treatment is endovenous ablation, laser ablation or chemical ablation (VenaSeal). Second line treatment options include phlebectomy, foam sclerotherapy, Varithena as well as visible...

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Compression Hose – What is The Correct Compression

I am often asked what is the correct compression for me? This is a brief summary of established guidelines in respect to medical compression. This guide is for information purposes only, the advice of your physician takes precedence. Compression Therapy Guide 8-15 mm Hg [Mild Compression) This level of compression provides relief and minimizes tired...

Before and After large bulgin varicose veins

Medical Treatment for Vein Disease

Lower-extremity venous insufficiency is a common medical condition affecting between 45-55% of adult women and 25-35% of adult men. Venous insufficiency typically results from primary valvular incompetence or less commonly from previous deep venous thrombosis. Venous insufficiency can lead to varicose veins that may be of cosmetic concern and cause symptoms such as extremity swelling,...

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The CSI of Vein Care

Diagnosing the source of varicose and spider veins. On TV shows like “CSI,” viewers get to watch as police investigators find and collect evidence at the scene of a crime, using science to make blood splatter appear as if by magic and swabbing every mouth they can get their hands on. Many of us believe...

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Vein Screening in Yuma a Success!

Over twenty patients attended the vein screening on August 16th. Out of all of the patients, the only one did not have a medical venous disease. The feedback was tremendous and patients expressed hope as they have been suffering for years. “It amazes me every time we have a vein screening how many patients have...