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The Vein Center of Arizona
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by Tammy Lovins on The Vein Center of Arizona

Dr. Larson and his staff are the best in the business. I am a 54 yes old active woman and Meema. I had sudden onset PAD LYMPHADEMA attack me making my life unbearable. I became a prisoner of my pain. After seeing several Drs, specialists and had 4 ultrasounds and they offered nothing in a diagnosis or treatment besides high dose steroids and over the counter pain relivers. Dr Larson literally gave me my life back. His staff is amazing and so professional. They are friendly, knowledgeable and truly care for you as an individual. I was able to take my 4 yr old grandson trick or treating and at one point in time was running when he stopped an looked at me an said exactly this. "oh my goodness MeeMa you were running and playing! Did that Dr. you told me about really fix your whole legs?" I said "yes he did. what do you think?" He said " Tell him Beckett says thank you for giving me my MeeMa back. God answered our prayers!" please tell him thank you for me. So here goes Thank you Dr Larson and staff for giving Beckett his MeeMa back. We've since welcomed a new baby into the family and I'm not crying over what I'm missing now or later. Now to get rid of all this shit I gained from sitting on my ass for so long in pain. I would definitely recommend the Yuma Vein center and have. When I see someone with the same horrible symptoms I had I tell them they don't have to live in pain so bad you feel hopeless and then I give them the phone number. I live in Foothills and have had 2 women tell me thank you because they called and Dr Larson helped them too. I cannot say enough about the whole experience. Do yourself a favor and set up an appointment for a consult. By the way Insurance covered 100% of costs. Thanks again Doc. You are amazing at what you do and Beckett says "Thank you" Fondly, Tammy Lovins

by Maria G Lizarde on The Vein Center of Arizona

First and foremost I want to thank Dr. Larson and the entire staff at the Vein center of Arizona. I suffered from swelling and pain on my feet & legs. I went in for consultation, the staff and doctor Larson LISTENED to my concerns.They took the right steps to help me. I felt at ease getting my procedures done. The recovery has been fast and painless. Immediately I felt a relief on my left foot (painful for months) I highly recommend the Vein Center of Arizona to anyone. Thank you Dr. Larson and staff. You guys are the best. ❤️

by Hermelinda Martinez Oseda on The Vein Center of Arizona

Le agradezco al doctor por haberme ayudado con mis piernas. Me quede sorprendida la primera vez que vine al procedimiento porque no me dolió nada. Espero que toda la gente tenga confianza de venir a tratar sus piernas con el mejor de Yuma. Que Dios lo bendiga.

by Lisa Dellondge on The Vein Center of Arizona

I had my procedures done on a Monday and Tuesday and it was pain free. He is in my opinion the best vein doctor in the area. I am still healing but I could not be happier with the outcome. My legs don't itch or tingle anymore and the biggest issue was pressure on mu legs. Touching them with just my fingers would make me tense up. I can now massage my legs with hardly any pain. I am so thankful for Dr. Larson and his staff. He has truly changed my life.

by Ana Salazar on The Vein Center of Arizona

Me hicieron un procedimiento. Es sencillo y rápido, muy efectivo. No es doloroso cómo yo creía. Muchas gracias por las atenciones que recibí. Fue un trato muy bueno. Lo recomiendo al 100%.

by Brenda Selene Lomeli on The Vein Center of Arizona

Muchas gracias dr. Paul por ayudar aliviar el cansancio de mi pierna. vamos por 2da sesión

by Araceli Zendejas on The Vein Center of Arizona

I got my procedure done about 6 weeks ago. I was having issues with my leg getting swollen, heavy pains, restless nights, cramping. Since my procedure, all my symptoms have gone away. My leg still gets a cramp here and there, but nothing like before. Great doctor and staff. Procedure was fast and painless. I would recommend anyone to get it done ASAP. Thank you Dr.

by James Johnson on The Vein Center of Arizona

My name is James Johnson a 67 year old male. I had spoken to my PCP about my worsening tingling and she referred me to Dr. Larson. I'm really happy she did after his procedures I'm feeling great. No pain, tingling and everything. Feels good. I appreciate his great work.

by Felicitas Larios on The Vein Center of Arizona

Estoy muy contenta y satisfecha con el procedimiento que me hicieron. No me duele para nada en comparación en otros lugares, siempre tenía mucho dolor. Aquí son súper amables y profesionales. Los recomiendo a todos. Muchas gracias por esta experiencia tan graduable.

Estoy muy contenta y completamente satisfecha con el procedimiento que me hicieron aqui en el Vein Center. Me siento bien cómoda, nada me duele a pesar de lo duro que es el procedimiento. Yo no sabia que se podia hacer. Estoy sin dolor alguno. En tiempos pasados me han hecho esto en otro lugar y me dolía mucho. Ahora aqui no me duele nada. Las medias que compre aqui estan bien comidas también. Ademas el personal y el doctor son bien amables y me hacen sentir cómoda. Todas las preguntas y dudas son contestadas. También me tratan con mucho respeto y como una persona no solo un paciente. Estoy muy agradecida. Les recomiendo a todos este lugar.

by Elvira Gutierrez on The Vein Center of Arizona

Hello, my name is Elvira Gutierrez. I would like to take the time to recommend Dr. Paul Larson and his staff at The Vein Center of Arizona, to all the women that are having problems with tired legs or Varicose veins. I have been seeing Dr. Larson and he does extremely good work and the staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and treat you with the highest respect. Thank you!

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