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The Vein Center of Arizona
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 by Katherine

Good afternoon. I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you at the Vein Center. Dr. Larson & staff are very professional,
knowledgeable, & caring when it comes to working with their patients. My experience with leg vein ablation & removal was a very smoothe one. I had many questions at first, but soon realized that I was in good hands.
Also, I was very relieved to know that I would not have to deal with pain both during & after the surgeries due to minimal invasion, & a very caring medical staff.
I would highly recommend Dr.
Larson & his staff to anyone who needs work done on leg veins.
Thank you, again!

 by Estela Negrete

Mi experiencia ha sido increíble en esta clínica. Son personas tan amables atentas y muy dedicadas a su trabajo. Tenia mucho dolor en mis piernas. No podia dormir por las noches. Estoy muy contenta con el resultado. El Dr. Estan increíble de verdad que tiene un don de responsabilidad y todas las personas qui en la clinica. Gracias por su entrega y confianza.

 by Norma Casas

How do I start I came with Dr. Larson with heaviness and fatigued legs, cramping and restless legs. The truth I feel good! I don't get burning pains like I used to. I would be at home cleaning and within the house my legs would start hurting, feeling heavy and fatigued. But since my procedures I recently took a trip to Disneyland and guess what? My kegs did not hurt one bit. I walked from early morning until the nighttime fireworks. Even my family noticed how I could walk a lot further than before. Thank you Dr. Larson and staff.

 by Charles Santa Cruz

I've had a good experience with Dr. Larson. My legs are a lot lighter and no more restless leg. I would advise this procedure for anyone with vein problems. Very friendly staff as well.

 by Carol Shear

If there any people who need help with their veins, Please Call the vein center. Dr. Larson and staff are very helpful, caring people. He makes sure there no pain as he works on you. He did a wonderful job with mine. I am proud to have gone to him for much needed help. Dont be afraid to have it done to help your veins. Dr. Larson is the man! God Bless him and his staff!!

 by Patricia Contreras

Estoy muy contenta con el trabajo que me realizaron en mi pierna. No mas síntomas al caminar, de calambres, no pesada. El equipo super amables. Super recomendado.

 by Kathy Rogers

Just want to thank the vein center of Yuma. My right leg was swelled up twice it's size and hurt.l could not sleep on right side because it hurt so bad. After first visit the doctor found the problem.Now I am in no pain and legs feel great.

 by Thomas Garcia

I really did enjoy the experience here with the staff and doctor was really professional and good humor. My legs do really feel different or better now since the treatment has been done on both legs. Hardly any swelling and no pain now. The color of leg looking better as well.

 by Annabella Recio

Recomiendo 100% al Dr. Larson y a todo su equipo. Mis piernas volvieron a vivir. No mas cansancio ni ardor. El poner mis piernas en sus manos fue la mejor decision.

 by Mariellen Beus

Recently Dr. Larson treated me for leg pain, swelling, itching, restless legs, among other disorders. Afterwards I felt no discomfort or pain. I am very pleased by Dr. Larson and his wonderful staff.

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