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The Vein Center of Arizona
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 563 reviews
by Maria Heras on The Vein Center of Arizona

Hola. Estoy feliz con los resultados en mis piernas. Ya no siento cansancio ni hinchazón. Los calambres desaparecieron gracias al doctor y si personal que en todo momento fueron muy amables.

by Luz Moria Alvarez on The Vein Center of Arizona

Recomiendo al 100% a Vein Center of Arizona. Me hicieron un procedimiento que quede muy satisfecha. Usaron sedación la cual es muy recomendable. Sin sentir dolor. Las asistentes super amables y dispuestas a explicar a uno todas las preguntas. El Del Larson es muy profesional y simpatico. Pone su mejor esfuerzo para que el paciente quede 100% satisfecha. Muchas gracias.

by Rachel Johnson on The Vein Center of Arizona

My foot and leg problems were so bad. My toes always felt numb and would ache alot at bedtime. My big toe had sharp pain from the tip of the toe and would hurt on the side of toe to the beginning of my arch and skin on the nail well was very sensitive when I wore shoes or to touch. My heel would also have sharp pains. Leg spasms while sleeping. I would have to get out of bed and walk around my room to work it out. It would take me a couple hours to get comfortable to fall asleep. I could not put my feet together at all. I had to wear shoes that were 1 and 1/2 size larger. My thigh muscle at times would get hard and stiff and hard for couple of days The surgery was a blessing to the good. I have not experienced any of those symptoms since my surgery. As a matter of fact I can now put my feet together ❤ again. I have had these issues since I was in my 40's I am now 71. I feel 100 % better. Thank you Doctor Larson to it is a miracle.

by Angelica Camacho on The Vein Center of Arizona

My experience, I felt very anxious at first not knowing it was going to be a great experience. When I got in the room the nurse helped me feel very welcomed. She was very friendly, Fabiola.

I was waiting for doctor. He was explaining everything and I felt very confident about the procedure. I was ready. I just had my IV done (no pain at all) and then woke up to everything done. Recovery is great. It only took minutes but I did not feel a thing.

I would recommend this clinic to my friends and family!

by Theresa Ray Broughton on The Vein Center of Arizona

Dr. Larson is AMAZING! Pre & post vein treatments were thoroughly explained and I'm totally satisfied with the healing of post treatments. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Larson has created an incredible team. I highly recommend Dr. Larson.

by Nancy Thompson on The Vein Center of Arizona

Dr. Larson and his staff are very caring and professional. The procedure that he did to my legs was painless. I did not have any pain when he treated my vein problem. I would recommend Dr. Larson to anyone with vein problems.

by Kathy Pierce on The Vein Center of Arizona

recently I checked in with Dr. Paul Larson in regards to my varicose veins. He informed me that they needed to be striped I had had this done one other time and it was so Painful I never wanted it done again he let me know that at his clinic they make you very comfortable and that I would experience little to no pain. his words proved true no pain I can feel my legs again my restless leg syndrome is all but gone and no more night cramps thank you all so much everyone there was very kind and supportive.and the best part is I can now look at my legs and not feel discusted by the way they look. Thank you Dr Larson and staff.

by Erika Rodriguez on The Vein Center of Arizona

Quiero agradecer al doctor Paul y enfermeras de la clinica Vein Center of Arizona por ayudarme a sentir mejor de mis piernas y lo mejor de todo que no sentí ningún dolor sobre mi procedimiento. Quede muy satisfecha fueron todos muy amables conmigo. Ahora me siento muy bien de mis piernas. Ninguna pesadles ni dolor. Estoy muy contenta.

by Dalene Thomas on The Vein Center of Arizona

I completely happy with the treatment of my varicose veins. Dr Larson and his team treated me with the greatest care, understanding and respect. They always answered my questions promptly, explained everything that needed to be done, what the after effects would be, made me feel comfortable when I was nervous and even made me laugh at times. I will and have recommended Dr Larson and his team to anyone that needs vein treatment. I am so happy I found this group of outstanding professionals. Thank you so much for the outstanding care you provided.

by Alettiha Antunez on The Vein Center of Arizona

Estoy muy satisfecha con el procedimiento de tratamiento de mis varices. Las muchachas son super amables al igual que el doctor. Me gusto mucho su trato y atención. Me gusto mucho el proceso de la sedación porque no sientes nada. No duele. Son muy higiénicos durante y después del proceso. Ya que estaba en casa tuve que seguir mis instrucciones como caminar mucho y estuve muy bien. Nada de dolor. Después de las 4 a 5 horas me sentí como si no me hubiera hecho nada. No tengo moretones ni hinchazón. Estoy muy contenta. Gracias a todos.

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