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For the love of feet – Comprehensive varicose vein screening in the Vein Center of Arizona


<p srcset=If you spend most of your time stationary due to your work features or your lifestyle, you’re at high risk of varicose veins. Due to insufficient physical activity, blood movement through the body worsens, resulting in the lack of veins elasticity and the valves weakening. When vein walls are weak and the function of the valves not proper, the blood may flow backward, causing twisting and swollen veins. As a rule, this disease can be easily told by the blue or dark purple color of veins.

If you’ve noticed any varicose veins symptoms, it’s the right time for thorough vein screening. The Vein Center of Arizona is the first place in a state you should head to go through a medical check-up of your veins. We strive to keep up with the times, applying state-of-the-art screening technologies to arrive at the exact diagnosis.

Are you the right candidate for vein screening?

Unlike other health checks, vascular screenings are often overlooked. In most cases, it is only people who suspect any issues schedule an appointment. It should, however, not be as such. Regular vein screening is a must for everyone, especially since it is a preventive life-saving medical exercise.

However, if any of the following symptoms have started to show up, you are at a higher risk and should consider going in for an examination:

  • your legs are painful and swollen

  • you’ve notice discoloration of the skin around your vein – this could be as a result of dead tissues from blood leakage in the area surrounding the vein

  • you are a woman that has carried multiple pregnancies

  • you are an adult over 55

  • there is a hereditary vein disease in your family

  • your profession requires multiple hours of taking a particular position

When it comes to your health, negligence is out of the question. If you’re in pain and concerned about your veins condition, don’t hesitate to reach us out via the phone (928) 726-8346 or fill out the online form on our website. We will schedule a convenient consultation meeting with you as soon as possible.

Get free vein screening at a reputable vein clinic

Did you know you can get a detailed vein screening, in-depth education about your vein functionality, and clarity about your vascular health in exchange for nothing! Yep, you got it right. At The Vein Center of Arizona, we are aimed to improve the statistics of venous disease in the country, offering everyone to check their vascular health free of charge. Don’t lose your chance to prevent or cure your venous disease by scheduling an appointment with our qualified physicians.

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