Spider Veins

Dr. Paul Larson and the staff at the Vein Center of Arizona offer effective treatment of various vein conditions including varicose and spider vein.


Sclerotherapy for Spider and Small Vein Removal - Sclerotherapy is the standard treatment for spider veins and superficial small varicose veins that usually appear on the legs. They less commonly appear on other parts of the body. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a solution into a targeted spider vein or a reticular vein through a very fine needle (32 gauge). The chemical collapses the blood vessel within a few seconds and takes effect right away. The natural healing process of the body then re-routes the blood flow to healthy veins and the spider vein fades from view over a period of several weeks. The procedure is performed using the smallest needle possible to minimize the pain of injection. In fact, patients are pleasantly surprised when they experience how painless modern sclerotherapy is. Typically it takes 2-3 treatment sessions for gradual fading of the treated veins. Graduated compression stockings are recommended for most patients after treatment for up to a week. Dr. Craddock uses Asclera in concentrations of .5% and 1%. Asclera (polidocanol) is preferred by patients over both STS and traditional saline.** See picture below. Besides noticeable cosmetic benefits, sclerotherapy may also improve bothersome symptoms associated with spider veins, including itching, aching, burning and nighttime cramps.


Spider vein treatment can be effective and is often covered by insurance!

Restore Your Skin with modern Spider Vein Sclerotherapy
for spider veins is an in office treatment used to eliminate "spider veins" - tiny red blue and purple veins on the surface of the skin. Using a very small needle, a special medication is injected directly into the spider veins. The medicine or sclorescent causes them to close and ultimately fade and disappear. There is little to no discomfort with modern spider vein sclerotherapy, which is performed in our Newnan and Peachtree City offices. No downtime is required.

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