Our team of qualified vein specialists will put the spring back into your step

According to the statistics, more than 20 million Americans have varicose veins, and it affects twice as more women than it does men. Though the ladies may be more concerned with the aesthetic component, varicose veins are more than just unsightly blemishes under the skin. They indicate a serious condition that is potentially dangerous to your overall health and may be even life-threatening if left untreated. For quite a long time, vein stripping and surgery were the only way to fix the problem. But thanks to modern technologies, there are now less invasive options available. The Vein Center of Arizona specialists offers innovative laser vein therapy that allows to forgo the general anesthesia and significantly minimize the downtime.

Leaving vein surgery in the past

We use the advanced VenaCure EVLTTM system for endovenous laser treatment which has a lot of advantages compared to traditional surgical approach such as:

  • takes less than an hour;
  • no need for hospital stay;
  • minimal to no scarring;
  • very short recovery time;
  • 98% success rate;
  • local anesthesia;
  • immediate return to the normal life.

What is more, not a lot of people know about it, but vein deficiency is usually covered by insurance. So if your procedure is not just cosmetic, you may even save money since your insurance company will pay for your laser treatment. Our vein care center in Yuma, Arizona, accepts the majority of insurance plans. If you have any questions about the insurance coverage or other financial options, please contact our office at (928) 323-0028 or fill in the form here.

Other services of our vein clinic

Laser treatment is typically the last resort that you may not even need yet. First, our doctors will fully assess your condition and work out a treatment plan that will match your goals and budget. Besides endovenous laser treatment, our range of services includes:

If you have varicose or spider veins, leg pain, swelling but not sure what option to go for, dial (928) 323-0028 to have a quick free vein screening consultation over the phone!

Why you should choose our vein treatment center

Our top specialist Dr. Paul Larson MD, RPhS is on the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and has two national certifications for the treatment of vein disease. Over the last seven years, he has been putting a lot of effort and dedication into the management and treatment of vein disease. And if there is any other proof of his professionalism and commitment, it is the success stories of our happy patients!