Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

Dr. Larson and The Vein Center of Arizona uses ultrasound guided sclerotherapy to achieve optimal results.

What sets the Vein Center of Arizona apart from other facilities when it comes to sclerotherapy is the ability to perform ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. Under the expert hands of Dr. Larson the scleresant is injected directly into the saphenous veins, tributaries of the saphenous veins or into large varicosities. The utliization of ultrasound is ground breaking in that is completes the treatment and resolves many of the reacurrance issues associated with vein treatment.


At the Vein Center of Arizona we treat the entire venous system. Many facilities just want to perform endovenous ablation. They then send you to a nurse who performes cosmetic sclerotherapy. Often, there are additional veins that need to be treated including the residual great saphenous, small saphenous, varicosities off of the saphenous veins and gastrocnemius perforators. Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy offers a real solution to these areas for reacurrence. When performed under the skilled hands of Dr. Larson at the Vein Center of Arizona you get the best results and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy is covered by medical insurance.

Dr. Paul Larson performs ultrasound guided sclerotherapy to treat varicose veins.
Advanced varicose vein treatment in Yuma, Arizona by Dr. Larson and The Vein Center of Arizona.
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