Leg pain and swelling are often misdiagnosed if no bulging varicose veins are visible. Venous insufficiency has many forms and if you have unexplained leg pain sign up for our Free Screening!


Phlebitis is a common term for an inflammatory process of a vein or varicose vein. Often the source of the inflammation of the vein is blood clot or thrombus. When there is a clot the condition changes in name to thrombophlebitis. Thrombophlebitis can affect the deep veins or the superficial veins. When the thrombus.


While superficial thrombophlebitis can be very painful it is generally not life threatening.  Thrombophlebitis in the deep veins is a serious condition and is usually called deep vein thrombus or DVT.




Superficial phlebitis is more likely to develop in people with varicose veins, or have trauma to the vessel wall such as with an IV stick or blood draw. There may be obvious inflammation with a red streak along the path of the vein. There may also be localized tenderness and heat associated with the inflammation and thrombus in the varicosities.


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