Venous Insufficiency

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Venous hypertension leads to inflammation and congestion in the tissue of the legs and is responsible for the symptoms of venous insufficiency, which can include edema, pain, aching skin discoloration, leg cramping, leg fatigue and restlessness. Vein problems increase with age, can progress to the point of being disabling, and should not be ignored. Most insurance companies cover treatment of venous disease. Additionally insurance companies require conservative medical management and a color duplex ultrasound to determine the corrective measures required for the best treatment. Depending on your policy the length of time for conservative measures can vary. Contact your insurance provider for detail information or call our office.

Chronic venous insufficiency is caused by reflux in the venous system of the lower leg. The skin can become dry, brawny, red, discolored or an ulcer may form.

Your legs have a network of veins. These veins have hundreds of one way valves that help the return of blood back to the abdomen and then into the heart and lungs. Venous reflux disease develops when one or more of these valves fail, causing increased venous pressure and ultimately blood to pool in the legs. The veins dilate causing varicose veins and spider veins to develop. Achy, heavy, tired, painful, and fatigued legs can develop as a result of venous reflux or insufficiency. Leg and ankle swelling often occurs. Skin itching and burning are also related to increased venous pressure. The skin can become dry, brawny, red, discolored, or a venous ulcer can form.

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