Burning, Itchy Skin

Burning, itchy skin can be due to failure of the valves in the lower leg venous system. The resulting varicose veins can cause increased venous pooling and discoloration.


With chronic venous insufficiency fluid and molecular agents can leak into the subcutaneous skin. This causes an inflammatory response. This can cause soft tissue changes at the skin level and cause the skin to change color. The resulting inflammation causes scarring of the skin (Lipodermatosclerosis). The skin can turn differing hues including red, brownish red, black or spotted brown. The skin can become dry and flaky and have eczematous changes and is often referred to stasis dermatitis or in common terms inflammation due to venous stasis. Injury to the skin can increase the risk of venous ulceration. Although itching and burning sensation can be attributed to venous disease it is by no means the only reason or even the predominate reason for skin irritation. Regardless it is important to note skin changes, itching and burning along with swelling, varicosities or pain of the lower legs.


Burning and itchy skin is often a secondary problem caused by venous disease.

Most people associate burning and itchy skin with a dermatological issue. Most of the time this is correct, however there is often an underlying venous component that is making the symptoms increase in intensity.  As you can see in this picture the dark discoloration of the medial aspect of the calf, bulging varicose veins and healed venous ulceration near the foot at the ankle.



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