Vascular Testing

The Vein Center of Arizona is committed to the highest level of vascular testing by following the guidelines by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. The purpose of the IAC Vascular Testing accreditation program is “to ensure high quality patient care and to promote health care by providing a mechanism to encourage and recognize the provision of quality vascular diagnostic evaluations by a process of accreditation.” Through the accreditation process, facilities assess every aspect of daily operation and its impact on the quality of health care provided to patients. While completing the accreditation application, facilities often identify and correct potential problems, revise protocols and validate quality assurance programs. Because accreditation is renewed every three years, a long-term commitment to quality and self-assessment is developed and maintained. When you have diagnostic testing done at The Vein Center of Arizona you are getting the absolute best testing available and that improves outcomes!


Registered Vascular Technologist - RVT

Vein Center of Arizona has a very experienced team of vascular technologists who have years of vascular testing experience.  All of our technologist are registered through the ARDMS with an advanced credential in the specialty of vascular testing RVT.


Dr. Paul Larson

Dr. Larson is the Medical Director of the vascular lab.  He is preparing to take the RPVI exam. Dr. Larson demonstrates his advanced knowledge of vascular disease interpretation by acquiring the Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) credential.  


As a patient at The Vein Center of Arizona you can be assured that you are receiving advanced diagnostic testing by a very experienced staff.  




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